Occulticia SMP

The server is currently offline.

Connect now using the IP occulticia.com


Our main rules (Mostly in-game & on discord) are here -> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wpmC4YBtO28ZMleEBW1TfsEuE0aCpP8U7MegLehnSX0/ (These rules in the above^ document still MUST be abided on our forums as well) Additional forum rules: - No inappropriate content :( Remember there are younger children playing our server! - No disrespect. Couldn't really leave this one out even though it is still on the rules above, just thought I'd mention it again since it's so important :) - Listen to staff members !! There are 0 loopholes within our rules so if you think you're being funny or clever, you aren't. Our staff know best & they are all well-aware of each rule & will punish you for doing the wrong thing. - Do not involve real-life topics in the incorrect threads - Please stick to the correct topic of the thread essentially, this is a minecraft forum page after all.