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Fixing the problem with graves

xplodingcreeper2 xplodingcreeper2: 7 months ago
So, I know this is going to be controversial, but I wanted to talk about the Graves plugin. The main problem with graves is that you need to physically be at the grave in order to loot it, and this creates a massive problem for people who are not VIP. The simple fact that graves can be looted at all created numerous problems, with me being one of the main causes. I am going to list as many problems as I can, then give a solution.

Graves can break open if hit with an explosion, causing the contents to fall out, this has happened multiple times while using crystal combat
Graves can be robbed if the person doesn't return within 5 mins
Graves cause top slabs to turn into bottom slabs if someone dies on one
Players need to right click a grave to open it, requiring a direct line of sight, so if someone blocks off the grave, it becomes impossible to get
/back can put players on the nether roof if they die in lava
Grave zombies will attack you if you open the grave, even if it is your own grave
If two players die on the same block, the first player's grave will be deleted out of existence
If you die in the void, the grave that spawns will be almost impossible to get to
You cannot build off of graves, so if you die in a sea of lava, and jump down onto the grave, you wont be able to build off of it

So, I know that it may seem a little overkill, but what if we just had KeepInventory on, so that players wouldn't need to worry about their stuff getting taken when they die, which seems like the point of graves to begin with. I don't know if this would cause the game to become unfair, although so far, it would mostly balance out the advantage that VIPs have, and that non-VIPs are still not able to access, no matter how much time they put into the server.


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